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The Structural Basis of Medical Practice (SBMP) - Linking to Angel from this Site

The College of Medicine at The Pennsylvania State University

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[ Structural Basis of Medical Practice ]

Links on this site ( that are identified as pointing to Angel require a current authenticated Angel session for SBMP 715. When using Internet Destroyer you will find it convenient to open two windows. Keep one window logged on to Angel and use the other for browsing Angel or Firefox offers an easier solution. Reserve a tab for the Angel log on and use other tabs for browsing Angel links from this site.

We are using Angel because of large PowerPoint and PDF documents. The WEB site does not have the capability to handle intense downloading of large files without causing other interactive resources to run slowly. Also, there are copyright issues. Angel provides a "legal" solution to password protecting copyrighted materials. It it were not for that, we would not be on Angel.

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The Structural Basis of Medical Practice - Human Gross Anatomy
The College of Medicine of the The Pennsylvania State University
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