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Re: Lecture 59: Anterior Triangle - True False

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Posted by Alexis on December 08, 2021 at 22:30:05:

In Reply to: Lecture 59: Anterior Triangle - True False posted by lae2 on December 05, 2021 at 13:45:55:

Anterior Triangle Answers
1. The ansa cervicalis is part of a somatic plexus whereas the ansa subclavia is part of an autonomic trunk.

- true

2. The dorsal scapular nerve passes through the interscalene triangle.

- false ⇒ piercing middle scalene so no

3. The phrenic nerve is anterior to the prevertebral fascia and posterior to the suprascapular artery.

- false ⇒ post. to prevertebral fascia

4. The dorsal scapular nerve generally pierces the middle scalene and the long thoracic nerve pierces the posterior scalene.

- false ⇒ does not pierce

5. The nerve to thyrohyoid travels, in part, with the hypoglossal nerve.

- true

6. The nerve to genioglossus travels, in part, with the lingual nerve.

- false ⇒ no nerve to genioglossus

7. The nerve to mylohyoid passes along the inferior surface of the mylohyoid between it and anterior belly of the digastric muscle.

- true

8. The lingual nerve passes the medial border of the hyoglossus muscle whereas the lingual artery passes lateral to the hyoglossus muscle.

- false ⇒ nerve is superficial, artery is deep

9. The glossopharyngeal nerve and the lingual artery each cross the lateral surface or the hyoglossus.

- false

10. The internal laryngeal nerve passes through the thyrohyoid membrane with the superior laryngeal artery.

- true

11. The internal laryngeal nerve is sensory (SVA GVA) only whereas the external laryngeal nerve is motor (SVE) only.

- false ⇒ internal is only GVA

12. The vertebral artery generally first enters the transverse foramen of C7 whereas the vertebral vein first enters the transverse foramen of C6.

- false ⇒ opposite

13. Hypertrophy of the scalene muscles may cause weakness in the upper extremity.

- true

14. The omohyoid fascia is a specialization of prevertebral fascia.

- false ⇒ superficial cervical (if it exists??)

15. The ansa cervicalis innervates the anterior, but not the posterior belly of the omohyoid.

- false ⇒ innervates both

16. The nerve to mylohyoid innervates the posterior belly of the digastric but not the anterior belly.

- false ⇒ anterior belly

17. The facial artery elaborates the submental artery.

- true

18. The hypoglossal nerve hosts non-native fibers derived from the brachial plexus.

- false ⇒ cervical plexus

19. The hypoglossal nerve passes immediately superior to the greater horn of the hyoid bone.

- true

20. The cricothyroideus muscle, when fully contracted, lowers the pitch of the voice.

- false ⇒ raises pitch

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