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Lecture 59: Anterior Triangle - True False

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Posted by lae2 on December 05, 2021 at 13:45:55:

1. The ansa cervicalis is part of a somatic plexus whereas the ansa subclavia is part of an autonomic trunk.
2. The dorsal scapular nerve passes through the interscalene triangle.
3. The phrenic nerve is anterior to the prevertebral fascia and posterior to the suprascapular artery.
4. The dorsal scapular nerve generally pierces the middle scalene and the long thoracic nerve pierces the posterior scalene.
5. The nerve to thyrohyoid travels, in part, with the hypoglossal nerve.
6. The nerve to genioglossus travels, in part, with the lingual nerve.
7. The nerve to mylohyoid passes along the inferior surface of the mylohyoid between it and anterior belly of the digastric muscle.
8. The lingual nerve passes the medial border of the hyoglossus muscle whereas the lingual artery passes lateral to the hyoglossus muscle.
9. The glossopharyngeal nerve and the lingual artery each cross the lateral surface or the hyoglossus.
10. The internal laryngeal nerve passes through the thyrohyoid membrane with the superior laryngeal artery.
11. The internal laryngeal nerve is sensory (SVA GVA) only whereas the external laryngeal nerve is motor (SVE) only.
12. The vertebral artery generally first enters the transverse foramen of C7 whereas the vertebral vein first enters the transverse foramen of C6.
13. Hypertrophy of the scalene muscles may cause weakness in the upper extremity.
14. The omohyoid fascia is a specialization of prevertebral fascia.
15. The ansa cervicalis innervates the anterior, but not the posterior belly of the omohyoid.
16. The nerve to mylohyoid innervates the posterior belly of the digastric but not the anterior belly.
17. The facial artery elaborates the submental artery.
18. The hypoglossal nerve hosts non-native fibers derived from the brachial plexus.
19. The hypoglossal nerve passes immediately superior to the greater horn of the hyoid bone.
20. The cricothyroideus muscle, when fully contracted, lowers the pitch of the voice.

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